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Your wedding will be a once in a life time experience, a day to be shared with every person you know and love. It's not often that all of your friends and family are united together, an occasion such as this should be documented at every opportunity. Traditionally a wedding photographer will leave shortly after the first dance, just as the real party is set to begin. Our Booth Nineteen wedding experience package has been designed to capture the remaining magic of your celebration, ensuring none of the nights memories are ever forgotten.

Endless Entertainment

A tasteful selection of props & fancy dress, combined with unlimited prints ensures every guest will be kept entertained throughout your event.

Lasting Memories

It's your party and every guest will be asking for a photo with you, the booth will be preserving all of those once in a life time memories in beautifully presented prints.

Glamorous Centrepiece   

A photo booth always becomes the heart of a party, our Art Deco themed booths promise to create attractive centrepieces within any venue.

Art Deco Inspired Photo Booths

  • Striking 1920s themed designs
  • Equipped with the latest digital photography tech
  • Add instant "Wow" factor to any venue

The UK's Most beautiful photo booths

The gatsby

Inspired by the 1920s art deco era, our vintage booth has been carefully designed with all the beauty of the roaring twenties in mind. Crafted from mahogany, the body resembles the famous “starburst” shape that was so iconic in the early 1900s. The retro Hollywood theatre spotlights provide a warm flattering light and compliment the theme beautifully.

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The Classic

All the joy of a traditional photo booth, without the cheap plastic exterior. The Classic’s sleek minimalist design compliments any venue, while its walnut finish adds a classy feel to the party. The white circular shape towards the top of the booth is a professional ring light – This produces a soft even light source that eliminates shadows and ultimately makes you look gorgeous. ​

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The No.3

We’re proud to announce the latest addition to the Booth Nineteen family – The No.3. The contrasting grain of the Rosewood Santos we have chosen produces a truly striking effect, while the oak trim finish adds a unique definition to the design. Towards the top of the booth is a touch screen monitor that allows for guests to view their appearance and start the photo sequence.

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Where Are The Walls?

As you can see our booths have been built without walls, the reason for this is simple - walls limit the amount of people you can squeeze into a photo. We also find that by having an open booth, the feature becomes more of a show, allowing spectators to observe and even join for a spontaneous photo if they so wish.

The open design of our booths allows for 10+ people in a photo

Our Booths Come as part of a boutique Package



Print Designs

Despite the vintage appearance of our booths, behind the woodwork hides the latest photographic tech producing printed photos instantly. Your photos will be presented in one of our beautiful template designs, adding a desired atmosphere to your photographs and offering you the chance to personalise the print with a message of your choice. See some examples of our print template designs below.

A well designed photo booth strip print acts as a tasteful wedding memento for your guests to cherish.

Photos that look just as good when enlarged on a computer screen as they do on the original print


From a summer wedding reception to a roaring Gatsby party, a well selected backdrop has the ability to set the tone at any special occasion. After booking Booth Nineteen you will begin the conversation with our event co-ordinator Susan, she will be happy to discuss the various options and assist you with choosing what design is best suited for your event. Below is an example of our six most popular backdrops.

Floral Design

Gold Sequin (variations available)

Crushed Red Velvet

Carnival Ribbon

Brick Wall Effect

Silver Sequin

Backdrop Alternatives...

Maybe you're a Pintersty type eager to craft your own hanging creation, or maybe your chosen venue has a feature that would make the perfect backdrop alternative. The beauty of our open style booths is that we can do away with our traditional backdrop setup and utilise whatever feature you wish. Below are some ideas from our previous clients to inspire you.

Venue furniture

Eco Venue Wall (Elmore Court)

Shabby Chic Doors

An example of our Gatsby booth set up against an attractive stone wall

Props & Fancy Dress

What photo booth would be complete without an assortment of props & fancy dress? At Booth Nineteen we routinely stock up our prop selections with an array of tasteful items that we feel are in keeping with our brand image.

Guest Books

Guaranteed to leave you smiling every time you turn a page, a guest book combined with a booth is an absolute must for any wedding client. Producing a presentable guest book is no straight forward task though, to avoid pages being stuck together or potential drink spillages (we've seen it all!) an individual to manage your book is essential. Our wedding packages include a dedicated guest book service, an attendant to watch over your book and encourage guests to leave a message with a photo. Armed with pens and glue, your attendant will kindly encourage all guests to contribute, doing their best to fill every page before the night is over.

Our Silver Package Guest Book

A simple but elegant design, our silver package comes with a book crafted from wood with a boho theme. 

Our Gold Package Guest book

Personalise and customise your book with our gold package option. See above for the various styles and colours we have available. 

Also Included in our photo booth package

A Dapper attendant
Unlimited Prints For The Hire Duration
Cloud Gallery containing event photos 
Dedicated Event co-ordinator


vintage Photo Booths

Flattering Lighting

Beautifully Crafted

Hi-Res Photographs

Prints Photos Instantly

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From building the booths, to sewing the backdrops, we've invested a lot of love into our small photo booth business. For us it's important that every detail is perfect, our booths create lasting memories and we want your occasion to be remembered for all the right reasons. 

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